Is The 200 Hours Of Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

Thinking about joining an intensive yoga teacher training course? Then the 200 hours course may be the ideal choice for many. It is spread over four weeks. If you want to attain knowledge about yoga, as a professional, then you have to join one such course. You will find several schools which offer the course in different structures. However, the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali seems to be what everyone is running after. But, many of you may have this question, is it worth it? Can somebody learn yoga so quickly? 

As most yoga schools in Bali are getting such questions, many experienced teachers and students are divided on the subject. But at the end of all debates, you will come to know that 4-weeks of intensive training is always better than spaced out training. The intensive approach is better in many ways. Moreover, it accelerates growth and learning, in an ashram-like environment. You will be able to stick to one schedule, without getting distracted. 

What Is The 200 Hours Intensive Yoga Teacher Training All About?

The Yoga School in Bali has curated the best yoga courses which you can pursue as a beginner or as an intermediate. The 200 hours course is worth special mention here, as it shapes the career of the individual. You can also refer to it as a yoga boot camp, where you are made to stick to a schedule for around a month. This is yoga teacher training at its best, in the island Bali. 

It is a very immersive course that consists of yoga asana, meditation methods, breathing methods, Shatkarma kriyas, mudras, and bandhas. You will also get to explore two styles of yoga – Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa. Apart from these, you learn about teaching methods, alignments, modifications, and variations. Anatomy, physiology, and philosophy takes centre stage here. You can experience tremendous growth in your life and career, through this course. 

Now, we come to the part, which you were waiting for. 

Addressing Your Concerns Regarding The Fast-track Course 

  • Learning yoga in around four weeks is the main focus here. However, can you really learn yoga in four weeks? Now, let us be a bit honest. Yoga is a lifelong modality. And, it is not just about mastering a few poses. You have to adopt it as your lifestyle. Yoga is really vast. You can gulp down most theoretical aspects in a few days. Then, if you have a science background, you may already have the knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Those with a philosophy background, may know about Yoga Darshan. However, when we are talking about pursuing this course, it is not just limited to your learning. There is a teaching element involved. And you can develop that, with practice. 

In Bali Yoga Retreats, you not only learn about the book-based knowledge, but practical aspects as well. You can always go back home and follow the books. But, practice is most important here. And that is what the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali stresses on. During the residential course of four weeks, students practice themselves and also learn how to teach others. So, by the end of the month, they feel confident, and are ready to take on the world. These are soft skills which you need to nurture. 

  • Is the four-week course as effective as the longer ones? You can opt to stay at the school and offer volunteering services for longer periods of time. This will come after you have completed the course and received your certifications. Bali Yoga Retreats is open about this. The school offers a distraction-free environment, where you are able to get into a yogic routine. So, when you return after a few months, you are able to just wake up and practice yoga, making it a part of your existence. The old information in your mind is deleted and filled with new possibilities. So, formally, yes, these four weeks can shape your life and career. 
  • So, now the question arises, if you can teach yoga to others after four weeks?

And the answer is ‘Yes’ again. And it again boils down to your confidence. You can teach yoga to beginner students and then slowly navigate upwards to advanced level of students. Each day will be a day of learning, not only when you are in Bali, but after you have started your independent practice. Moreover, it needs to be mentioned that the school and the teachers are always by your side. So, if you require any support at any point, you can always connect with the school

Bali is a spiritual place, which gives a huge push to the learners. So, you can likely imbibe a lot more. Your learning is in-depth and complete in such an environment. The hands-on approach used in the school is of special mention. 

Final Thoughts 

After you complete the course from the Yoga School in Bali, you become spiritual as well. But becoming one with the universe takes time. But the seeds of the change will be sown, by the time you take your career forward. Spirituality is important, but not mandatory. You must be able to guide your students in the right direction, depending on their body requirements. If you want to gain spiritual wisdom like the sages, it will of course take years of practice. However, that is another separate aspect of the training. 

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