How do I get Rufus download Windows 10?

Are you searching for a way to create bootable USB drives with a free application? This article will be vital to you. This small tool only has a 13.2 MB file but you can make any kind of USB drive with it. But what is this tool? The tool is called Rufus download Windows 10 and it allows you to create a bootable USB drive. This is a very handy app that you need to simply format a USB drive, install OS on a PC that lacks a CD/DVD-ROM drive, or when you need to boot an operating system temporarily without any intention of actually installing the media.

The main feature of Rufus download Windows 10 is that it creates an ISO on a USB. And this program only works with Windows devices but users can also create ISOs that operate on Linux, Mac, and other operating systems. And this is a completely free and crowd-sourced USB bootable resource. So, if you want to know more info about this Windows 10 version, read my article. Here is my experience and take an idea from this article!

A brief explanation for Rufus for Windows?

Just as you read before, Rufus download Windows 10 is a completely free application that lets you create an ISO on a USB. This app helps you to compile all the different files on a DVD or on a computer by putting them in one ISO format. An ISO is useful to contain a copy that is similar to what is usually in a physical disk. So this app makes all your work easiest and fastest. And with this application, you can install OS on a computer that lacks a CD/ DVD-ROM drive temporarily without intention.

Another main usage of this application is that ISO can be burned to a disk or sent over the internet. And the most highlighted thing is that Rufus only works on Windows devices, but it can be used for other Mac, Linux, and Android devices. Nonetheless, Rufus Windows Download is the most famous USB bootable tool because it can make more than one boot in one drive then you can create a lot of boot files in one drive. Also, this application will be available in Windows and Linux.

This app is useful in these cases;

  • You can create a USB installation media from an ISO file
  • Install an OS on a system that does not have any operating system
  • Flash a BIOS
  • To run a low-level OS

What can we get from this Rufus download Windows 10?

  1. Rufus download for Windows 10 is a completely free and open-source application
  2. You can create DOS-bootable USB sticks
  3. Create BIOS or UEFI bootable drives
  4. It can create Windows To Go drives
  5. Check USB media for corrupted blocks
  6. Perform MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums
  7. Upgrade startup time by running a background check of the ISO download benefits
  8. Delete splash screen from Ubuntu for persistent UEFI drives

System Requirements

  • Windows XP running Apple or PC running Apple (Windows 10 ideally)
  • The latest version of the Rufus Windows application
  • ISO (Operating Systems Supported)
  • USB flash drive 8 GB

How to install this application on your device?

Rufus download Windows 10 gives the easiest way to make a USB drive bootable. You don’t have to install any special software. Follow these simple steps to install Rufus on your device.


  1. To download this application, visit a reliable website
  2. Press on the download link; now it will start downloading the executable file
  3. After the download process is complete, run the executable file. It will open the Rufus Windows latest version download. Now we can use it.
  4. The first field contains the device (external media) that we want to make bootable. It will be automatically detected by this app.
  5. The second field contains the ISO file. It will not be detected automatically. We have to browse the folder where we have stored the ISO file by clicking on the Select option.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to create a bootable device.

The procedure to create a bootable USB drive with Rufus

  1. First, download the ISO file. After completing the download process install the ISO file on the machine
  2. For Ubuntu, download the Ubuntu ISO file. We can copy the ISO file from other resources if we have
  3. Insert a USB drive that we want to make bootable. Keep in mind that, it should be at a minimum of 8GB of storage
  4. Now, run Rufus’s executable file. Now, it will open the Rufus download Windows 10 
  5. It will automatically detect the device, but you have to choose the ISO file from your system
  6. To choose the file, click “Select” in the Boot Selection option, and select the file from the file system
  7. Select the file and click Ok to continue the procedure
  8. Now, you are all set to create a bootable drive. After choosing the device and ISO file, it will take a few minutes and display the status ready. Therefore, many other options are available in Rufus; leave them to the default value.


Is Rufus download Windows 10 safe?

Yes, this is a 100{fc8b42c1379ebf5816bcc5b935b7b1e8919ca58fd5b943de5e44ab31e260911f} safe program without any doubt. This app has also been analyzed by VirusTotal and it has never tested positive

Is this app portable?

Yes, this is portable. This application doesn’t require any kind of installation. So, the first time you run this app, it creates a configuration file in the same directory where you run it from

Does this app work on Windows 11?

Why not, this application works on Windows 11. To create a Windows 11 boot disk with Rufus, just download the ISO from the official Microsoft website, then select it when you create the boot disk


Now we know, Rufus Rufus download Windows 10 is a super powerful application for Windows that allows you to create boot devices from external storage units, like USB flash drives and SD cards. It functionally allows you to format a new drive, as well as install Linux, Windows, and even FreeDOS disk images.

If you want to know more info about this awesome application, follow our official website. So, download Rufus Windows free on your device and create bootable USB drives.

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